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Behind the company

We, Eeva (on the left in the picture) and Ilona, are the founders and owners of Adore 360.


During our career paths we have become masters of being in top of things in any given situation. We have ensured that all things run perfectly while operating with a large scale of service providers. Our professional expertise comes from a variety of fields from finance and administration to event and artist production. 

We get a serious kick out of making the impossible happen and exceeding our customers expectations.


We thrive on organizing and planning with a visionary mindset. We are masters in ensuring that our clients are always receiving the best possible service. Our negotiation skills are impeccable. We have an excellent eye for both the smallest detail as well as the bigger picture.

We personally value living life to the fullest while being ambitious, confident and true to ourselves. We are extremely excited about what our brightly-burning passion is enabling in this new era of traveling.


Eeva Pukkila

Ilona Jämsen

Ilona holds a title of Bachelor of Culture and Arts specializing in event management and business. She has produced events on a wide scale ranging from intimate private parties to B2B and B2C events for hundreds of people. She has also worked as a concert producer for international artists and hosted a long list of celebrities and artists at the largest Finnish festivals, Finnish GRAMMY Awards and in other events.

Helsinki has been Ilona’s home since birth and she knows the city like the back of her hand. Her name means ”joy” in Finnish and that accurately describes her positive mindset and fierce enthusiasm to entrepreneurship, exploring the world and about life in general. Ilona is also an ambitious yogi and a wannabe dog whisperer.

Ilona Jämsen
+358 50 303 9227

Eeva has a decade of experience managing finance, administration, events and corporate trips for a leading strategy consulting company in Helsinki. She holds a master’s degree in Administrative science from Tampere University Faculty of Management specializing in regional studies, organizational management, business development and environmental science. 

Eeva is originally from northern Finland but has called beautiful Helsinki her home for the last 10 years. She is a highly driven achiever, a wild hearted adventurer and a bubbly personality always seeing the positive side of things. Traveling is one of her greatest passions and she thrives on seeking hidden gems around the world.

Eeva Pukkila
+358 40 564 6717

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